Guest Student

Most German universities have a programme for guest students (“Gasthörer”). As a guest student, you don’t need to follow any of the application procedures above, but can enrol directly at the university you wish to attend. At most institutions, you won’t need to submit any documents, but only have to fill out a form and pay the guest student fee.

Please note that as a guest student, you will not be allowed to follow all lectures and courses nor will you be able to take any exams at the end of a semester. This means that you won’t receive any degrees or certificates. If you are planning to study at a German university, enrolling as a guest student only makes sense if you want to familiarise yourself with the university system, improve your German skills or pass time until the next official application deadline. If you are unsure about what subject you want to study, enrolling as a guest student might be a useful option, too.