Sichere Herkunftsstaaten (safe countries of origin)

Many countries are presumed to be free of political persecution, and classified as such under German law. This classification is not uniform throughout the EU. Those applying for refugee status from these countries are often quickly processed and denied. Rejected applicants have one week to appeal and can be deported within four weeks. This list of safe countries of origin include Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ghana, Macedonia, Senegal, and Serbia.

SubsidiƤrer Schutz (subsidiary protection)

If you are neither considered at risk of political persecution nor meet the requirements for refugee protection, s/he can still receive a residence permit in Germany if granted subsidiary protection, pursuant to the European Convention on Human Rights. This type of protection is provided by the state when the immigrant is at risk of suffering serious harm in the country of origin due to torture, the death penalty, or armed conflict, among other causes. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) decides this during the application process.