EAE Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung (initial reception facility or Initial accommodation facility):

These facilities are the first point of contact for newcomers, offering accommodation to newcomers for up to the first three months in Germany.


The BAMF IT system that distributes newcomers across Germany's 16 federal states.

Einbürgerung (naturalization)

Naturalization denotes the conferral of German citizenship. You are then a German citizen with all rights and responsibilities. You can apply for German citizenship after eight years of residence, provided you don't have a criminal record, are proficient in German, and are financially independent. Since 2000, children born in Germany to non-German parents generally receive dual citizenship.

Ergänzungspfleger (supplementary curator)

A court-appointed person who handles part of the parental care of a minor. This person can represent a minor in legal matters concerning asylum.