Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung (EAE)

Newly arrived refugees are registered and temporarily housed in an Initial Reception Centre (EAE).



EASY is a computer program that distributes all asylum seekers registered in Germany to the individual federal states. The distribution is calculated using a quota.


Naturalisation is the process of acquiring German citizenship. Read more in our “Naturalisation” chapter.


Complementary caretakers take on parts of parental care a minor require.

Complementary caretakers are appointed by the court and can represent minors in asylum and immigration law matters.

Erlaubnis zum Daueraufenthalt - EU

Holders of an EU permanent residence permit can also obtain a residence permit in other EU countries.

The EU permanent residence permit is a special form of settlement permit. With a regular permanent residence permit, a third-country national may move freely in the EU, but must reside in the country that granted them the residence permit and may only work in the same country. The EU permanent residence permit, however, grants third-country nationals a certain right of freedom of movement within the EU. Read more in our chapter "Permanent Residence Permit".