Proof of identity, such as a personal identification card or travel document, serves to verify the identity of a person. To establish one's identity, responsible authorities may photograph you and take fingerprints. They will document personal information such as name, date of birth, and national origin.


Integration courses are meant to help the transition into life in Germany. Knowledge of the German language is essential in securing one's livelihood in Germany: German speakers find work sooner and get to know people faster. In addition to language instruction, integration courses teach the country's history, legal system and culture, and about its inhabitants.

Gute Bleibeperspektive

People with good prospects to stay are asylum seekers who come from a country with an asylum recognition rate of at least 50 per cent.

Asylum seekers who have applied for asylum in any other member state of the European Union- or those who, due to Dublin III Regulation, are obliged to do so are not considered as refugees with good prospect to stay.

The recognition rate is recalculated annually based on the number of approved asylum applications (initial applications) from the relevant countries of origin from the previous year. Three countries currently have an asylum recognition rate of over 50 per cent: Eritrea, Somalia and Syria.