Do I have to get vaccinated?

There is currently no general vaccination mandate. However, since many people in Germany are still not vaccinated and the number of infected people and, above all, the number of patients in intensive care units continues to rise, the government is presently discussing mandatory vaccination. But as of now, there is no official mandate, i.e., if you do not want to get vaccinated, you do not have to.

The only exceptions are currently employees of hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices and other facilities that provide services to vulnerable people. People who work in these facilities must prove by March 15, 2022, at the latest, that they are fully vaccinated or have recovered or that they cannot get vaccinated due to contraindications.

Why is Coronavirus so dangerous?

In the cases reported so far, four out of five cases were mild. In some cases, however, the illness becomes quite severe, leading to breathing problems and pneumonia. The survival rate is estimated to be 90% or the infected. 

However, many survivors still struggle with the aftermath months after the infection since the virus may attack various organs (lungs, kidneys, intestines, heart, etc.). Many patients complain of fatigue and exhaustion weeks or months afterwards.

What can I do to prevent the virus from spreading?

The best way to curb the spread of the virus if to follow the measures announced by the authorities, get vaccinated and receive the booster jab. You can find out more in our chapter "Coronavirus: Public Life & Mobility". It is also crucial that we all adhere to the recommended hygiene and distancing measures:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly (for 20 seconds) with soap as often as possible.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your bent arm when you cough and sneeze or use a tissue.
  • Dispose of used tissues immediately.
  • Keep a distance of at least 1.50 meters from those who do not live in the same household.
  • Wear a face mask when outside and meet others. Please note that when shopping and on buses and trains, you need to wear a so-called “medical mask”. You can find out more in our chapter "Coronavirus: Public Life & Mobility".
  • Use the Robert Koch Institute's Corona Warning app. You can find out more in the section "How does the Corona warning app work?"
  • If you are in a closed space: ventilate the room as often as possible.
  • Pay attention to current contact restrictions. You can find out more in our chapter "Coronavirus: Public Life & Mobility".
  • Reduce contacts with other people as much as you can. Above all, try to avoid large gatherings of people in closed spaces.
  • Download and use the Corona Warning App which has been developed by Robert Koch Institute. You can learn more in section “How does the Corona Warning App work?”.

On the website of the Federal Center for Health Education, you can find more information on protocols of conduct during the Coronavirus pandemic.

I have corona. How can I protect my family/roommates?

If you tested positive for the coronavirus but you do not have severe symptoms, you will not be admitted to the hospital. But you will be sent to quarantine at home. If you live with other people, there are a few rules to keep in mind:

  • Stay in a separate room than others as often as you can.
  • Visit the kitchen and bathroom as rarely as possible.
  • If you cannot avoid contact: keep your distance and wear a face mask.
  • Ventilate regularly.
  • Do not share dishes, towels, etc.
  • Clean light switches, doorknobs, etc. as often as possible.
  • Wash your laundry separately with minimum 60-degree hot water.

Important: Do not leave your home-quarantine before the Health Office tell you that you can do so.

How does the Corona Warning App work?

The Corona Warning app notifies you when you have been near a person infected with the coronavirus. For instance, in the supermarket, on the bus or in the park. Or at an event. Then you can get tested and go into quarantine to prevent further infections. The more people use the app, the better it can protect us all. You can also use the app to show your digital vaccination certificate. For example, when entering the country or when visiting a restaurant or going to theatre. The app can be installed quickly and free of charge. 

You can also use the Corona warning app to check-in. If you do so, you do not have to fill out the contact form when visiting restaurants, etc.

You can watch an explainer video about the Corona app on our Youtube channel. You can find more information about the app in many languages on and

Am I immune to the virus after I recover from a Coronavirus infection?

It is still unclear whether (and how long) infected people are immune after their recovery from the disease. Current research shows that number of antibodies in corona patients drop quickly. In principle, antibodies form after recovery from an illness and help prevent re-infection with the same illness (for a while or forever). That is the case, for instance, for illnesses such as measles or flu. In the case of the coronavirus, it is currently assumed that infected people are only immune for about 3 months after the illness.

Where can I find up-to-date and reliable information?

Internet is filled with rumours and misinformation about the Coronavirus. That is why it is crucial to seek information from reliable sources. The following sources can provide you with current, verifies information: