What should I watch out for when I come back to Germany?

Anyone who enters Germany from a high risk area must register online before their entry at einreiseanmeldung.de. You need to get a corona test shortly before entry or within 48 hours after entry and -stay in quarantine at home for 10 days regardless of the result of the test. Plus, you must report to the proper Health Department. You can find the health office responsible for you in the database of the database of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). From the fifth day of your home-quarantine on, you can take a Corona test. If the result is negative, you can end your quarantine. You need to pay for this test yourself. Please note that the Health Office checks whether you observe the self-isolation period- and those who do not will face a fine.

Important: For people traveling to Germany from an area with a so-called “high indicidence” or “virus mutation”, the following applies: You must provide a negative coronavirus test result upon entry. The test must be no older than 48h at the moment of entry. Test results must be in German, English or French. Current areas considered areas of “high incidence” or “virus mutation” can be consulted here: Website of Robert-Koch-Institute.

When new regulations are enforced, they may differ from one federal state to the other.  You can find more detailed information about your state/town/neighborhood in various languages on corona-was-darf-ich.de. To learn more about “home quarantine” check out our chapter "Coronavirus".

A list of the current risk areas can also be found on rki.de. To take a test, call your doctor or the on-call medical service at 116117. Current areas considered areas of “high incidence” or “virus mutation” can be consulted here: Website of Robert-Koch-Institute.

If you return to Germany from a country that does not count as a risk area, you do not have to take a corona test and you do not have to self-quarantine. However, you can take a free test up to 72 hours after your return.

Important: If you have only traveled through a „risk area“ and did not stop there (transit flight), the same rules apply to you as to those who enter (directly) from a non-risk area. Those who spend less than 24 hours in a high-risk area do not have to go into a quarantine either.

The exemption from quarantine also applies to people who have a reasonable ground to visit close family members (spouse, parents, children) in a risk-area for less than 72 hours. This way, for instance, one would be able to visit an ill family. But the exceptions form quarantine only apply if you don't show any typical symptoms. If you have visited close family members for more than 72 hours for an urgent reason, you can exempt yourself from the quarantine obligation by presenting a negative corona test. The test must not be older than 48 hours when you enter Germany. In addition, the test must meet the criteria listed by the Robert Koch Institute. You can find out which countries meet these criteria on the website of the Robert Koch Institute.