If you or anyone else is in danger, you can contact the police by calling 110. The call is free. You can find out more about the police in our chapter "Police in Germany".

Ambulance & Fire Brigade

For acute medical emergencies, if you or someone else needs help immediately, or in case you notice a fire or flooding, you can contact the emergency services or the fire brigade by calling 112. The call is free. In the event of a medical emergency, you can also go directly to the rescue centre of the nearest hospital.

Suppose it is not a life-threatening medical emergency, but you still need medical attention immediately. In that case, you can contact the "Medical Emergency Service" by calling 116117 free of charge: The medical on-call service is available at any time and can help you with minor injuries or sudden symptoms (e.g. very high fever). The staff on the phone will either give you medical advice, refer you directly to an on-call practice or send a doctor to your home.

Poisoning Emergency Services

If you or someone else shows signs of poisoning, you can call a poison control centre nearby day or night. You can find the telephone number of the poison control centre in your area at bvl.bund.de.

Emergency Pharmacy

If you need medication outside of regular opening hours, you must go to an emergency pharmacy. At www.apotheken.de and www.aponet.de, you can find pharmacies that are currently on emergency duty in your area.

Medical Help without Health Insurance (or ID papers)

Hospitals are not allowed to pass on your data to other people or authorities. So don't be afraid to go to a hospital in an EMERGENCY or call the emergency doctor. If it is not an emergency, you can also turn to an organisation that offers undocumented medical treatment anonymously. These organisations provide their services for free. They will not notify the Social Welfare Office or the Immigration Office about your visit/stay. You can search for such an organisation nearby on the gesundheit-ein-menschenrecht.de website. You can also look for anonymous medical assistance in your area on the Malteser and Medibüros websites.