I have no relatives who can care for me. Can I still stay at home?

In this case, you can use the service of an outpatient nursing firm. An outpatient nursing service employs trained nurses who visit you several times a week (or day, if necessary).

The nurses can undertake different tasks, including:

  • helping with body care and food intake
  • shopping and cooking as well as cleaning the apartment
  • providing medical care, e.g. administering injections, medication or changing bandages,
  • or helping you in your social activities, such as going for walks or inviting friends to visit.

The costs of nursing service are at least partly taken over by long-term care insurances. Such support is called "benefit-in-kind" or "Pflegesachleistung". As of 2018, for care level 1 up to 125 € and for care level 5 up to 1995 € was taken over. The long-term care insurance pays the nursing service firm directly, so you do not need to pay in advance and wait to be reimbursed later. However, if the cost of the nursing service is higher than the amount agreed upon by your insurance, then you have to pay the difference yourself.