Authorities and offices

Contact the central citizen line under 040-428280 if you want to reach relevant offices in Hamburg.

Immigration Office  („Ausländerbehörde“)

Einwohner-Zentralamt Hamburg Ausländerbehörde
Hammer Straße 30-34
22041 Hamburg

Youth Welfare Office (“Jugendamt”)

On, you can enter your residential address and the issue you need help with and see which Youth Welfare Office is responsible for you.

Citizen's Registration Office („Bürgeramt“)

The Citizen’s Registration Offices are known as Customer Services (“Kundenzentren) in Hamburg. On, you can find an overview of all the Customer Services in the city .

Social Welfare Office (“Sozialamt“)

To find the relevant services at Social Welfare Office, you can check the and see which office you need to contact.



If you or someone else are in distress or danger, you can call the police at number 110. If you have any general, non-urgent questions, please contact the Hamburg police at 040-428650.

Fire Department and Rescue Service

For medical emergencies, i.e. when you or others need urgent medical attention, or in cases of fire or flooding you can reach the Fire Department or the Rescue Service at the number 112.

Poisoning Emergency

In case a person around you shows signs of poisoning, you can get medical assistance day and night under the number 0551–19240.

Emergency Pharmacy ("Notapotheke")

If you want to buy medication outside the regular opening hours, you need to go to an emergency pharmacy. On or, you can look for the nearest pharmacy which provides service outside regular opening hours.

Medical Help without Health Insurance

Malteser provides you with medical assistance, even if you do not have health insurance or a residence permit. Their service is anonymous and free of charge.

Marien Hospital (Marienkrankenhaus), Building 1 (Main Entrance)
Outpatient Surgery – Section 5 (Ground Floor)
Alfredstraße 9
22087 Hamburg
Tel: 040 – 2546 1208

Opening hours: Thursday 16.00 to 20.00