What can I do if I am being deported?

  • Call your lawyer and inform a counselling centre or aid initiative about your imminent deportation. If you do not have a lawyer and do not know any counselling centres, you can, for example, contact Pro Asyl for help, or seek assistance from a neighbour or the staff at your accommodation centre. The staff at Pro Asyl speak German and English and can be reached at +49 (0) 69-242 314 20 and proasyl@proasyl.de. In order for a neighbour or staff at the accommodation centre to help you, you must give him or her power of attorney. The person with power of attorney can then hire a lawyer or file an urgent appeal ("Eilantrag") at the administrative court on your behalf to provisionally stop your upcoming deportation.
  • Inform deportation observers ("Abschiebungsbeobachter") about your imminent deportation and ask for help. Deportation observes are available at the airports in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Berlin and Hamburg. They can connect you to lawyers. They can also assist you in case you have been taken into custody shortly before deportation ("Ausreisegewahrsam") or have been placed in a deportation detention centre ("Abschiebungshaft").¬†You can find the contact information of deportation observers in this PDF document: Deportation Observers
  • To be able to prevent your deportation, you must act quickly. Contact a lawyer and a counselling centre as soon as you have learned about your possible deportation. If the first attempt to deport you fails, you still may be placed in a deportation detention centre ("Abschiebungshaft"). In general, after the first unsuccessful attempt, the next one will be scheduled immediately.

Please note: If you are deported and you do not have cash with you, the police are obliged to give you some pocket money.