In which cases is Germany not permitted to transfer me to another Dublin state?

You must not be transferred to another Dublin member state in the following cases:

  • Your spouse or underage children are recognised as a refugee or as an individual entitled to asylum or subsidiary protection in Germany.
  • Your spouse or minor children have applied for asylum in Germany, and Germany is responsible for their asylum application.
  • You have fled your country as an underage child and without your parents, but the odds are not in your favour if you apply for family reunification (to reunite with your parents, siblings or other relatives) in the Dublin country responsible for you. Same applies to you if you are a minor and do not have any family members in Europe.
  • You are seriously ill, and your condition can severely worsen by deportation/transfer to the country responsible for you. In such cases, you need to present various medical certificates to prove your inability to depart.
  • Germany decides to invoke the sovereignty clause, specified in the Dublin regulation. By doing so, Germany voluntarily assumes responsibility for your asylum application. However, this clause is used rarely and only in exceptional cases of hardship, e.g. for sick or traumatised individuals, etc.