When can I apply for a permanent residence permit?

As a recognised refugee or individual entitled to asylum, you must meet the following requirements to obtain a permanent residence permit:

If you have a residence permit as an individual entitled to subsidiary protection or due to a National Ban on Deportation, you have to fulfil further requirements. For instance, in this case, you cannot receive government benefits, and you must contribute to pension insurance ("Rentenversicherung") for at least 60 months before you can apply for a permanent residence permit.

Where can I apply for a permanent residence permit?

You must apply for the permanent residence permit in writing at the Immigration Office responsible for you. You will find the form "Application for the Settlement Permit" ("Antrag auf Erteilung der Niederlassungserlaubnis") on the website of the immigration office. You have to send the filled application form, a biometric passport photo and the following documents to the responsible Immigration Office per post:

Keep in mind that you have to pay in order to obtain a permanent residence permit.

As soon as the Immigration Office has checked your application, they will notify you in writing.

Could I lose my permanent residence permit?

1. They may also revoke your settlement permit.

2. They may uphold your settlement permit.

The latter usually happens when you have been in Germany for a long time, are linguistically well-integrated and have a job with no need for state benefits (from the Jobcentre or Social Welfare Office). The Immigration Office is the sole authority who decides between the two options mentioned above. (§52 I Residence Act)