What can I do if my rights are violated?

There are always some accommodation centres that do not adhere to these rules and standards. Much has already been done to improve the situation in all the centres, but there are still shortcomings. If there are problems in your centre and your rights are disregarded, contact a counselling centre or the Refugee Council ("Fl├╝chtlingsrat) in your state. Here you will find a list of counselling centres in your federal state of residence.

In case you are being insulted, discriminated against, threatened or confronted with sexual or physical violence in your accommodation centre, please directly refer to the centre's administration or the social worker. If they do not help or are in fact part of the problem, then contact a counselling centre. On the website of the Anti-discrimination Office, you will find a list of counselling centres in your area. If you are a woman, you can also visit http://www.frauen-gegen-gewalt.de/and frauenhauskoordinierung.de to seek a counselling session in your language nearby. You can also call the Helpline at 08000-116016. The staff there are available day and night, and they speak many different languages.