What are my rights as a resident of such a centre?

You are entitled to live in a safe space. Women, adolescents and children, in particular, need to be protected from threats or violence. The accommodation centres must ensure that all their residents feel safe, have their privacy, and know where to get help. In July 2016, the Ministry of Family Affairs along with UNICEF and other organisations, such as Plan International Germany e.V. has developed a program to implement the minimum standards for the protection of children, adolescents and women in refugee accommodation centres and all the centres were required to comply. These standards require children, adolescents and women to be protected from violence and to be guaranteed access to medical and psychosocial care. Besides, in every centre, there should be specific room, in which the children and youth can play and learn together.

There are standards for placement in an accommodation centre. In general, you have no say in which room you will be accommodated, and the single individuals cannot choose who to share the room with. If you have any problems with your roommates, contact the social workers or the centre's director.