Why are my fingerprints recorded?

All the individuals who have fled to Europe have to have their fingerprints checked and recorded. This is necessary for the implementing of the so-called "Dublin III Regulation". According to this regulation, the EU Member State where you were fingerprinted first is responsible for your asylum case. So if you have given your fingerprints in another European country first, Germany can send you back to that country. In principle, you must then submit your asylum application there.

Your fingerprints are stored in the Foreigners Central Register (AZR). The AZR is a database that contains information about people from abroad who have lived or are living in Germany. It is administered by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

If you intentionally manipulate your fingertips, your asylum procedure can be stopped by authorities. If you have been fingerprinted in another EU member state, but do not want to return there, contact a lawyer or counselling centre. In some cases, there are ways to prevent your transfer to the other EU country. Visit Proasyl's website to find a counselling centre nearby. You can also call the hotline of www.proasyl.de at 069-242 314 20. The staff there can provide you information and assistance in German and English and they may recommend you a lawyer in your area to consult.