Where can I find counselling service and support?

All counselling centres also provide support to people with disabilities. For instance, you can go to a Migration counselling centre for Adults- or if you are under 27, seek advice from a Youth Migration Service (JMD) in your area. The staff in both organisations speak various languages. Refugees with disabilities can also find help at ProAsyl (in German and English) by calling 069-242 31472 or sending an email to proasyl@proasyl.de.

You can also access special counselling for people with disabilities (in German) at teilhabeberatung.de. If you need specialised counselling in your language as a people with disabilities, you can also contact MINA - Life in Diversity e.V. in Berlin. The staff there speak German, Arabic, Bulgarian, French, English, Russian and Turkish. You can reach the MINA counseling centre Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. via the telephone number 030-25796959 or by email to info@mina-berlin.de.

You can also contact one of the five organisations and associations which offer support to people with disabilities in Germany- where you can find detailed information about everyday life, law, work, health insurance and various other matters related to the people with disabilities (in German):