What is a “mini-job”?

A mini-job is a marginal job for which you cannot earn more than 45€ per month- or only include short-term employment for a few weeks or months. So, in principle, there are two types of mini-jobs:

  • With the so-called "450€ job", you earn a maximum of 450€ per month or 5400€ per year. So you can make more than 450€ in individual months and less in other months during the rest of the year- It is crucial that you do not earn more than 5,400€ a year as a "mini-jobber", including one-off payments such as holiday pay or Christmas bonus.
  • In so-called "short-term employment" ("Kurzfristigen Beschäftigung"), you work less than three months (for a 5-hour week) or 70 working days (if you work less than five days per week) per year. It doesn't matter how much you earn during this time- but you must be only employed for a short time to count as a "mini-jobber".