Where can I complain?

If you face a problem in the workplace, you can contact the Workers' Council ("Betriebsrat") of the company at which you are assigned to work. The Workers' Council represents the interests of the employees in the company. One of the council's tasks is to ensure that laws and sectoral collective agreements are respected. If you face any difficulties regarding your salary or other contractually agreed issues, then the Workers' Council at the temporary employment agency is where you should contact. In case your temporary employment agency does not have a Workers' Council, you can take those problems to the Workers' Council at the company where you are assigned to work. You can usually find the working hours of the Workers' Council in the break room or on the office's message board.

You can also visit the counselling centres of the project “Fair Integration”. Their staff speak several languages and can provide you advice free of charge if you face any problems with your employer. On faire-integration.de, you can search for one of their offices in your area.

If you are discriminated against -in the temporary employment agency or a company where you have been assigned to work- due to your family background, nationality, sexual orientation, gender or age, you can contact the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency. The staff are available on Mondays (13:00 to 15:00), Wednesdays and Fridays (9:00 to 12:00) at 030-18555 1855. You can also contact them via email at beratung@ads.bund.de. The staff speak German, English and Arabic.

Please note: You can seek help from all of these agencies anonymously if you prefer so. That means your boss will not know about your complaint unless you want him to.