What are the advantages and disadvantages of subcontracted work?

It is usually easier to find a job at a temporary employment agency. Subcontracted labour can, therefore, function as an opportunity for entering the German job market. Subcontracted labour often means working in several different companies, so you can also gain a lot of experience and make professional contacts. Sometimes, a temporary worker is eventually hired as a regular employee by the company he has been sent to as a subcontracted worker. However, this only works when your employment contract with the temporary employment agency has expired or terminated.

Subcontracted labour also entails some disadvantages: The company which "borrows" you, rather than paying you directly, pays the temporary employment agency for your labour. To stay profitable, the temporary employment agencies usually pay the workers less than what they could earn as a regular employee. Furthermore, employment in different companies often means frequent changes in your working environment. So you have to adapt to new jobs, colleagues, and workplaces all the time. In some cases, this also means you have to anticipate long commutes to work.