How do I receive my wages?

  • You are entitled to receive (at least) the minimum wage for your work. In west Germany, the minimum wage for subcontracted workers currently¬† equals 10.15 euro- and in former East Germany, it is¬†10.10 euro. From April 1, 2021, the minimum wage for subcontracted work will increase to 10.45 euro nationwide. An additional rise to 10,88 euro will follow from April 1, 2022.
  • If you, as a subcontracted worker, are sent to work in the same company for more than nine months, you will, in principle, be entitled to receive the same salary as your other colleagues there. In some industries, there may be sectoral collective agreements which stipulate that subcontracted workers are entitled to the same wages only after 15 months.
  • You should receive wages from your temporary employment agency, even if you are not currently assigned to any company.
  • Overtime hours are usually not paid. Instead, you will be entitled to time off in lieu. For instance, if you work for more than eight hours in one day, you may leave early on another day or take a whole day off. But you have to communicate with your boss first- your temporary employment agency regulates the issue of time off in lieu.
  • The temporary employment agency usually has to pay the travel costs for your commute between its office and your place of work. The travel time is not considered as working time. It must be specified in your contract how far your workplace may be from the location of the temporary employment agency.