Can I simply get fired?

In principle, workers in Germany enjoy substantial protection against dismissal. If you have been working in a company with more than ten employees for more than six months, you cannot simply be dismissed. To fire you, your employer needs one of the following reasons:

  • Operational reasons: If your company receives fewer orders and, therefore, can no longer pay all employees, you may be dismissed.
  • Worker's conducts: You may be dismissed due to, e.g. cheating or stealing from your employer, insulting or┬áharassing your colleagues, missing work without valid justification, surfing the internet at work or violating the company regulations.
  • Personal reasons: If you are no longer able to do your job due to your individual condition or situation, you can be dismissed- for instance, if you are ill for a very long time or in case you lose your work permit.

Important: Employers are not allowed to dismiss you because of your age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, origin or alike.