Lela Ahmadzai

Video Director

Lela Ahmadzai

Lela Ahmadzai is a multimedia journalist, co-heading the studio „2470.media“ based in Berlin. Born and raised in Kabul, Lela immigrated to Germany at the age of 17. She graduated in 2009 with master’s degree in photojournalism and documentary photography at the Hannover School of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Since 2003, she regularly returns to Afghanistan which has become her main subject. Her work explores issues of con ict, gender and war crimes and deals with political
and social issues of our time. In 2014, the multimedia short Film “Silent Night — The Kandahar Massacre” was awarded with a World Press Photo Award in the category Short Feature.

Her work has been published in numerous international magazines, such as Der Spiegel, Los Angeles Times, Standart, Courrier International, ARD, Arte, BBC Pashto, among many others.

Lela Ahmadzai is directing the video production of Handbook Germany.