Kefah Ali Deeb


Kefah Ali Deeb was born in Syria. She is passionate about painting and writing. In Syria she was working as an Editor for the “Joussour” Magazine and as a writer for the “Osama” Children Magazine issued by the Ministry of Culture. With her children books she won the Al Sharjah Award for Arab Creativity in 2012. In 2014 she was the Chef Editor for “Qaws Quzah” Children Magazine issued by Olive Brunch Organization in Syria.

Even now in Germany she follows her passion: She publishes articles for German magazines, such as Zeit online and 51° and writes her own column for the newspaper “TAZ”. On Saturdays you can find her doing Tours in the Pergamon Museum of Berlin with the Project “Multaka”.

Working as Editor for Handbook Germany, it is her ambition to create an information gate for the new comers, hoping to give people the ability to build a colorful Germany.