Laura Pannasch


Laura Panasch

Laura Pannasch grew up in Bavaria - already in her childhood passionate about drawing, photography and filming. In Vienna she studied German literature and Arabic. In 2008 she travelled to Syria. Since then, the Arab world didn’t let go of her: 2010 she spent half a year in Morocco, 2013 a year in Egypt.

In both places, she taught German and studied Arabic. In 2014 she came to Berlin to work in the editorial office of the Orient magazine Zenith. After a year of freelance journalism and teaching German for adult refugees she decided in 2016 to work as an counsellor on the recognition of professional qualifications for arabic speakers at Netzwerk IQ Berlin.

Since November 2016 she is one of the editors of, where she can finally combine her artwork - e.g. by illustrating the videos Phrase of the Day - with her passion for the Arabic language.