Bishr Alassadi

Portrait of Bishr Alassadi
Update 05.09.2023

Arabic Editor

Bishr Alasadi was born in Syria in 1990, after studying journalism and media at Damascus University, he worked as a senior editor at Haykal Media.

In 2013 he began reporting on the situation in the country for the benefit of several Arabic media.

Bishr had been part of several training programs for youth activists as a trainer, on how digital media works, in parallel with his work in editing and creating digital content.

He published in Turkey an educational series for Arabic-speaking children to help them preserve their mother tongue.

Due to the harsh conditions in Syria, Bishr moved with his family in September 2018 to live in Berlin, since April 2021 he began working with Handbook Germany as a freelance editor, and became at the beginning of 2022 the main Arabic editor in our team.

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