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Update 31.01.2024

For those seeking advice:

If you have further questions about the information provided by, you are welcome to visit our multilingual community platform Once you have registered in a few simple steps, you can ask your question anonymously and free of charge. The community, our team and the experts present on the platform will be happy to answer and provide you with support

For press inquiries:

We would be happy to provide the press with information on our project, "Handbook Germany: Together – Central digital contact point"– we connect journalists with our team members and supply informative material.

Please direct press inquiries to:

Anna Laletina,

Project officer for public relations


For cooperation inquiries:

If you are an organisation interested in working with us, don't hesitate to get in touch:

You can learn more about collaboration options here.


To contact the editorial team:

We value your expertise.

Are you well-versed in one of our themes, and would you like to contribute? You can provide expert advice by participating in an interview (like this one). Your expertise is also most welcome as we create new content and update our website with current developments.

Have you had experiences that can help others in our communities? Are you ready to discuss it as a protagonist in one of our videos?

Then contact us at:

We also look forward to your feedback or suggestions for improvement.

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