Vocational training

Should I do an “Ausbildung”?

Vocational Training (“Ausbildung”) in Germany, is an educational system similar to the intermediate institutes in Syria or to somehow comparable with technical universities in Afghanistan.

But in Germany they have got higher teaching techniques and more scientific standards, in which theoretical education and practical training can be combined. There are different kinds of vocational trainings in Germany: the dual vocational training (“Duale Berufsausbildung”), the school-based vocational training (“Schulische Ausbildung”) and dual vocational degrees (“Ausbildungsorientiertes duales Studium”).

The dual vocational training is accompanied by a monthly salary, but there are also private schools which charge fees. For school-based vocational training and dual vocational degrees there is not always a payment. The duration of vocational training depends on the program, university or school, but is in between one and three and a half years long. Vocational training is considered a good alternative for those who can not complete their university studies. It is very important in Germany and also helps newcomers enter the labor market in a short period of time. In the following text, we will explain the kinds of vocational trainings, how to apply for them and if you will receive a payment or not. You can find also a video explaining the benefits of a vocational training in English on youtube and read more about the topic on www.make-it-in-germany.com (English, Spanish, French and German).

What do I need to know?

Dual vocational training (“Duale Berufsausbildung”)

School-based vocational training (“Schulische Ausbildung”)

Dual vocational degrees (“Duales Studium”)

How can I apply for vocational training?

What vocational training fits to me?

Vocational training registration dates


At the end of the vocational training the trainees will receive a certificate from the school, university or one of the chambers (HWK or IHK) which offer the vocational training.

But what comes after the vocational training? You may think about what to do with your vocational training already before receiving the certificates. There are many options besides working. You can also continue your education e.g. doing a “Weiterbildung” or study.