Coronavirus: Public life

What do I need to know?

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Despite Germany's very high infection rates, many COVID-related restrictive measures have been dropped. From April 3rd, 2022, at the latest, the "basic protection" and the so-called "hotspot regulations" apply throughout Germany. State officials will decide whether to declare the region a "hotspot" and reintroduce more COVID restrictions or just implement "basic protection".

What do I need to know?

What are the "basic protection" and the so-called "hotspot regulations"?

What specific rules currently apply?

What rules apply to vaccinated and recovered individuals?

Where can I get a digital vaccination certificate?

Which shops and facilities are currently open?

Can my child go to school as usual again?

Can my child go to daycare again?

Are state offices open now?

When will my language classes start again?

How can I help my child to study from home?

Are counselling centres open now?


If you suspect that you are infected, contact your doctor or the local Health Department. They can tell you what to do next. Please do not go to the doctor's office before first calling them. Another option is to go to your doctors' office during the visiting hours specifically assigned to COVID patients if they have such visiting hours. You can find your local Health Department's contact details on the website of the Robert Koch Institute.