Coronavirus, Public Life & Mobility

What do I need to know?

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There have been public restrictive measures introduced and enforced in order to limit further spread of coronavirus in Germany. Here you can learn about the latest rules and restrictions concerning public life in Germany during the Coronavirus pandemic.

What Do I need to know?

What rules currently apply?

What rules apply to vaccinated and recovered individuals?

Where can I get a digital vaccination certificate?

Can I currently travel abroad?

Can I currently travel to Germany?

What should I watch out for when I come back to Germany?

Which shops and facilities are currently open?

Is there going to be enough food and hygiene products for everyone?

Can my child go to school as usual again?

Can my child go to daycare again?

Are state offices open now?

How can I extend my residence permit?

My visa has expired during my stay in Germany. What should I do?

My visa expired before entering Germany. What should I do?

I would like to apply for a visa but I can't acquire a language certificate at the moment. What now?

When will my language classes start again?

How can I help my child to study from home?

My child needs a laptop for homework. Any help?

Are counselling centres open now?


If you suspect that you are infected, contact the Germany-wide patient helpline by dialling 116117. They will let you know about the next steps. Please do not go to the doctor's office before first calling them.