Coronavirus: State Aid

Which state aids are available for me?

The world has been in a state of uncertainty due to the ongoing corona pandemic. The livelihoods of many have been massively impacted by the pandemic. Many workers have already lost their jobs or are put on short-time working. Self-employed, freelancers & entrepreneurs receive fewer orders or none at all -or have to close. Here you can find out what forms of state aid are available to you during the pandemic. 

What do I need to know?

What can I do if I am dismissed or earning little to no income?

Can I apply for extra money at Jobcentre due to the Corona crisis?

I am a student and lost my part-time job. Is there any help for me?

I am self-employed and have (practically) no income. What can I do?

What types of support are available for families?

I cannot pay my rent. What shall I do?

I can no longer pay my bills. What shall I do?

Does getting benefits from the state put me at risk of losing my residence permit?


If you suspect that you are infected, contact the Germany-wide patient helpline by dialling 116117. They will let you know about the next steps. Please do not go to the doctor's office before first calling them.