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What sort of food culture exists in Germany?

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One of the first thing that we miss when we leave our country is the familiar food we grew up with. Fortunately, you can find various ingredients here that are widely used to prepare Oriental, Asian and African dishes among others. There are special supermarkets - often more affordable than the normal ones - which sell different spices, traditional foods and Halal ingredients as well as regular vegetables, fruits and canned foods. You only need to know where to find them: On the Internet, there are numerous lists of supermarkets in the city. In larger cities, you can find supermarkets which offer international ingredients in each district.

What do I need to know?



Doner Kebab



Vegetarians and Vegans

Halal Food

Ramadan and Iftar in Germany

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Opening Hours

Shops do not all have the same opening hours in Germany. Large grocery stores are usually open from eight in the morning to eight in the evening; although it might vary in different federal states. In smaller towns and villages, shops close earlier or open only a few hours a day. On Sundays and public holidays, all shops are closed except for bakeries, shops in trains stations or petrol stations. Many hair salons and other small shops are closed on Monday. The opening hours are often written on the shop's door.


To make sure a product is halal, you can check the certificate, the list of ingredients on the back of the pack, or just ask the staff. In public places, like restaurants, kindergartens or hospitals, you can tell the staff that you or your children don't eat pork.

Eating Together

There are many organisations which provide the opportunity for people from Germany and other countries to eat together. Platforms like "Zusammen essen", "Refugees kitchen", "über den Tellerrand kochen" or "Welcome Dinner" in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart, Bremen, Koblenz try to connect people by gathering them around the same dinner table.

Bon appétit! Enjoy your meal!