A City-State in the North

Bremen Musicians Church Illustration by Laura Pannasch

Are you new to Bremen? Are you looking for important addresses and contacts in the city? Then this page is exactly for you! We've put together a list of the most important places you may need for your new start in Bremen.

For more contact information and addresses related to life in Bremen you can visit Welcome to Bremen. Here you can directly search for keywords (like “doctor” or “German course”):

Where can you find help?

Authorities and Offices

Counselling Services

Welfare Associations


On the page First Step Guide , you can read about the most important steps you have to take after your arrival in Bremen. On Refugee Map you can search for main addresses and contact information and filter your search based on the different existing categories. Besides, the answer to various everyday questions about life in Bremen is also provided and orgainsed in defferent categories on Welcome to Bremen website.