Meltem Arsu

Meltem Arsu
Update 05.09.2023

German Editor

Meltem Arsu studied sociology, political science and philosophy in Münster. She focused on migration and refugees, post-colonial studies, racism, gender studies and violent language. During her studies she worked at the university radio, where she was both music and word editor as well as managing editor and moderator.

In 2015 she started her professional life in Berlin. First as a consultant for press and public relations in refugees and human rights issues and later, as a research assistant in the areas of new immigration and labor market integration as well as political education. Furthermore, she has worked closely with autonomous migrant organisations. The idea of a post-migrant society and empowerment of people with migration experience and their families continue to leads her to this day.

She has been an editor at Handbook Germany since February 2020.

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