Mosjkan Ehrari

Mosjkan Ehrari
Update 05.09.2023

Project Leader

Mosjkan Ehrari is a journalist and filmmaker. She started her journalistic career with radio broadcasting (RBB). That was followed by years of work as an editor, radio author, and freelance foreign correspondent.

She created numerous film projects in Germany, Azerbaijan, Iran, Afghanistan and Greece. As a documentary filmmaker, she realises her film ideas in Germany and also internationally. In her 30-minute TV reports for RBB/ARD, she is mainly concerned with the topics of social and political significance. As a director and Video-journalist, she conceptualises and produces projects for foundations, NGOs and institutions. She also cooperates with the Community Art Center (theatre) in Mannheim.

As a lecturer and trainer, she passes her knowledge on in different seminars, including the data-journalism training at Google News Lab & NDM. For the Federal Agency for Political Education, Mosjkan Ehrari is developing criteria for video-based political and media education.

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