Dublin Procedure

Which country will process my asylum application?

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When you flee to the European Union (EU), you cannot choose in which country your asylum procedure will be handled. The Dublin Regulation is what determines which state is responsible for processing your asylum application. This system is designed to prevent people from applying for asylum in several EU countries; which was easy to do before since the borders of the EU countries are open, and people can move freely.

Based on the Dublin Procedure, the first “Dublin-state” or EU country you enter should handle your asylum application. Besides the member states of the EU, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are also among the “Dublin states”. If you have already received asylum protection in one of these 32 states, your asylum application cannot be re-examined in any other Dublin state.

The Dublin Regulation in Germany

What is the Dublin Regulation?

Does the Dublin Regulation apply to me?

What are “safe third countries”?

In which cases isn’t Germany permitted to transfer me?

When is Germany not responsible for my case?

How is the Dublin state responsible for me determined?

What is the meaning of “Übernahmeersuchen”?

What is the meaning of “Übernahmeverordnung”?

Can I appeal against the Dublin Notice?

What are my rights and obligations?

Criticisms of the Dublin Procedure


As an asylum seeker, you have the right to information at any time. That means you should be informed about each step of your Dublin process in writing. BAMF is obliged to notify you when initiating a Dublin procedure in the first place.