Tolerated Stay (“Duldung”)

Do I have any chance to stay in Germany?

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The Tolerated Stay Permit ("Duldung") is issued for individuals who are, in principle, obliged to leave the country, but their departure is temporarily not feasible, due to obstacles to deportation or other reasons which necessitate the continuation of their presence in Germany (§ 60a Asylum Act). Deportation obstacles may include, for instance, a severe illness or the lack of identification papers. Other legitimate reasons for your stay may be, for example, participation in a vocational training programme or going through necessary medical treatments.

A Tolerated Stay Permit or "Duldung" is not an actual residence permit, but rather a temporary residence document which enables you to stay in Germany for a limited period. Those who hold a tolerated stay permit can legally reside in Germany for the time, but their obligation to leave still stands. A tolerated stay permit is usually valid only for a few days, weeks or months. If the deportation impediment(s) or other causes of issuing a "Duldung" persist, your tolerated stay permit will be extended- otherwise, it will not be prolonged. Then, if you cannot obtain a residence permit for any other reason (for more check our Immigration chapter), in principle, you will have to leave Germany.

Important questions about "Duldung"

Can I have a tolerated stay permit (“Duldung”)?

What are my rights and obligations during my tolerated stay?

Can I be deported despite having a "Duldung"?

Where and how can I apply for a "Duldung"?

In many cases, a tolerated stay permit is extended over the years. But those with a tolerated stay may be able to obtain a residence permit as well, granted that they meet specific prerequisites. If you meet only some, seek advice from a counselling centre. You can find a counselling centre nearby, for instance, on the website of the refugee council.

Please note: Since the 1st of August 2019, there is a new kind of "Duldung" for individuals with unclear identity. If you do not have an ID issued by your home country, you will probably be issued this new type of "Duldung" according to §60b Residence Act. For individuals with this type of "Duldung", the below-mentioned regulations regarding the right of residence do not apply.

Can I obtain a residence permit despite having a "Duldung"?

Residence permit for humanitarian reasons

Residence permit for well-integrated adults

Residence permit for well-integrated youth and adolescent

Residence permit for qualified individuals with a "Duldung"


Where and how can I apply for a residence permit?


In 2018, a new regulation regarding rejected asylum seekers and those who have a "Duldung" had been passed, but it will be implemented starting from 1st January 2020.