Refugee Accommodation Centres

What are my rights as a resident?

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In initial reception facilities, often a large number of people live in limited spaces. So there are rules and standards to help the residents live together and the staff are responsible for ensuring these regulations and standards are implemented and respected. In principle, these rules apply to all accommodation centres, including shared accommodation centres and, except a few exceptional cases, also emergency shelters.

What do I need to know?

Who is responsible for what?

What are my rights as a resident of such a centre?

What can I do if my rights are violated?

Is it true that I need to get vaccinated against measles?


Check your letters every day. Sometimes you receive letters informing you about important appointments with the migration authorities in the coming days. It is quite crucial that you appear on time on all such dates.

If you are sent to another accommodation centre or have voluntarily moved there, it is necessary to notify the Foreigner's Registration Office ("Ausländerbehörde") and the BAMF and provide them with your new address. Otherwise, you will no longer receive their letters and may miss important dates or deadlines.