Rejected asylum

Is there any chance I can stay in Germany?

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If the BAMF rejects your asylum application, you will be asked to leave Germany. Refugees who receive a "simple" rejection ("einfachen Ablehung") have 30 days to depart. You may receive a "simple" rejection if no other European country is responsible for your asylum application (Dublin regulation) and the BAMF does not assume you intend to deceive them or have economic motives for your flight. If your application for asylum is rejected as "inadmissible" ("unzulässig") or "obviously unfounded" („offensichtlich unbegründet“), you only have one week to voluntarily leave Germany. Your asylum application may be rejected as "inadmissible" if, due to the Dublin Regulation, another EU country is responsible for your asylum procedure. Rejection as "obviously unfounded" may happen, for instance, when the BAMF notices significant contradictions in your history and your flight reasons or believes that you have fled to Germany for economic reasons.

To see how much time you have for your voluntary departure, check the rejection notice you have received from the BAMF. The deadline runs from the time you receive the notice. You can find the exact delivery date on the envelope in which you have received the rejection notice. If you do not leave Germany within the designated deadline, you may be deported, i.e. the police and immigration authorities may pick you up at home to send you back to your home country.

In any case, you need to seek advice from a lawyer or counselling centre if you have received a rejection notice from the BAMF. There are several alternatives to voluntary departure or deportation, the most important ones of which are presented below.

What options do I have?


Subsequent Asylum Application („Asylfolgeantrag “)

Tolerated Stay (“Duldung”)

Hardship Regulations („Härtefallregelung“)


Church Asylum


You must not be deported if your complaint against the "simple rejection" ("einfachen Ablehnung") of your asylum application is being processed or in case your "urgent application" ("Eilantrag") has been accepted.