Sharmila Hashimi

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Update 22.01.2024

Farsi/Dari Editor

Sharmila Hashimi is an activist and journalist, born 1987 in Herat (Afghanistan). She studied journalism and completed a dual study course on political sciences and law.

Since 2006 she worked with many different governmental and non governmental organizations as well as with international media as a journalist, researcher, producer and project manager.

Sharmila Hashimi founded her own organization in 2009, the “Afghan Journalism Center”. She implemented many different projects to improve democracy, freedom of speech and capacity building of female journalists together with a young and professional group of journalists in Afghanistan.

In 2014 she came to Germany and started to work as a journalist again, amongst others for Amal Berlin, Süddeutsche Zeitung and the Chrismon Magazin.

She joined the Handbook Germany team as an editor where she’s responsible for the Farsi web content. Her goal is to provide information for people in their native language and to help improving equal access to information for everyone.

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