Sonia Vargas

Sonia Vargas
Update 15.01.2024

IT-Project Manager

Sonia Vargas was born and raised in Colombia. She came to Berlin in 2002, where she completed her Master's degree in Ethnology and Latin American Studies at the Free University of Berlin. During her studies, she became involved in migrant’s organizations, organized art festivals, and participated in film productions at the Berlin agency Kopperkollektive, gaining deep insight into the city's diverse culture. She also worked as a volunteer coordinator for four years and led numerous projects promoting the integration and empowerment of migrants.

Driven by the vision to implement significant projects with a wider reach, Sonia trained in project management, fundraising, and digital transformation. As an IT project management trainee, she was responsible for building the web presence of Dena's Center for Municipal Actions for Climate Change website.

Since September 2022, Sonia has been IT-project manager for the "Central Digital Hub Handbook Germany : Together".

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