Thelma von Hoeren

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Update 07.02.2024

German Editor, Project Manager

Thelma was born in the German city of Hildesheim. After her Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences, Literature and Philosophy in Leipzig, she completed her Master's degree in "Religion and Culture" with a focus on philosophical ethics and political theory at HU Berlin and Stellenbosch University, South Africa. She has worked in various educational institutions and social projects in project management, public relations and as a lecturer, e.g. at Unicef or the TH Children's Foundation, South Africa. Since 2023 she has been working in the project 'Handbook Germany : Together' as an editor, in networking and as a project manager for the search engine "Local Information". With her work, she wants to contribute to making the arrival of immigrants and refugees in Germany feel like a peer-to-peer experience.

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