Turkey-Syria Earthquakes

rubble from earthquake in turkey in syria
Update 01.03.2023

Essential information on visa for relatives, donation, psychological help and more

The horrific earthquakes on February 6th, 2023, destroyed large parts of southeastern Turkey and northern Syria. Millions of people are affected in those regions, and many have lost their homes. So far, 50000 have been reported died, and thousands of people are still missing under the rubble. Ongoing smaller aftershocks and following stronger earthquakes in the past weeks are making the situation more difficult. Survivors have to leave their homes and towns.

Among other concerns, many in Germany are wondering whether and how they can bring their affected relatives to Germany. Here you will find information on the options available to you.

As soon as there are any developments, we will inform you on our website, Facebook, and Instagram. All information is also available in German, Turkish and Arabic.

Main source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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