Nursing Care System

How can I benefit from it?

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A severe illness, an accident or old age can prevent you from being able to take care of yourself and make you need help with washing, shopping, eating or taking care of yourself. You will not be left alone with such difficulties. If you need help taking care of yourself (be it permanently or for at least six months), you are considered to be entitled to nursing care in Germany. In this case, you usually have the right to support and financial aid provided by nursing care insurance ("Pflegeversicherung").

What do I need to know?

Do I have nursing care insurance?

What should I do when I require nursing care?

How can I benefit from Nursing Care insurance ("Pflegekasse")?

How does the appraiser determine if I require nursing care?

Which forms of care are available?

How can I find a suitable nursing service or care centre ("Pflegeheim")?

Does nursing care insurance also pay for auxiliary means?

How can I avoid huge costs in the case of need for nursing care?

Who will take over the legal representation if I am not capable of making decisions?

What can I do if my caretaker mistreats me?

What are the job opportunities in the care service?


If your caretaker mistreats you, you can call the helpline of Krisentelefon. The staff there will take care of the problem.