Child Benefit

Am I entitled to "Kindergeld"?

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Raising children is costly, from diapers, clothing, toys, school supplies, and recreational activities to (later on) vocational training or university education. In Germany, there is a form of state aid known as "Child Benefit" or "Kindergeld", paid to support families financially and help parents provide their children with a good life and a bright future.

What do I need to know?

What is Child Benefit for?

Am I eligible for Child Benefit?

My child is over 18 years old. Can I receive Child Benefit?

When and where can I apply for Child Benefit?

Who should apply for Child Benefit?

How do I receive Child Benefit?

How much Child Benefit do I receive?

I have not applied for Child Benefit yet- can I collect Child Benefit retrospectively?

My life situation has changed. Do I have to inform the Family Benefits Office ("Familienkasse")?

I received a questionnaire from the Family Benefits Office. What do I have to do now?

I have received an "Aufhebungsbescheid "or "Erstattungsbescheid" from the Family Benefits Office. What does that mean?

I'm receiving less Child Benefit than I should- what can I do?

My application was rejected- what can I do?

How can I object to decisions made by Familienkasse?

Can I receive Child Benefit if I live abroad?

What is the difference between "Kindergeld" and "Kinderfreibetrag"?

What is "Kinderzuschlag"?

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The Youth Migration Service can help you with all questions and issues relating to daycare, school, vocational training and financial aid from the state. You can find Youth Migration Service offices in all major German cities. Their service is free, and their employees speak many languages. Furthermore, the Youth Migration Service is non-governmental- they do not work for the authorities and do not pass on any information. You can find one of their offices in your area at