Home care

What rights do I have?

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Many of those who are in need of care prefer to be cared for at home instead of moving into a nursing home or retirement residence. Living at home means you can be looked after by relatives or a nursing service (or both) and stay in your familiar environment. Caring for someone at home is called "outpatient care" ("Ambulante Pflege") or "home care" ("häusliche Pflege").

The so-called long-term care insurance ("Pflegekasse") partly bears the costs of home care, provided that you are covered by one and they have determined your need for long-term care. You can read more about the issue in our chapter "Nursing Care System".

Here we explain your rights as a patient who wants to be cared for at home. Furthermore, if you are a caregiver, keep reading to learn what rights you have as the provider of care for a loved one.

What do I need to know?

Can my relatives take care of me?

I have no relatives who can care for me. Can I still stay at home?

How do I find an adept nursing service?

Can I combine care by relatives with professional care provided by a nursing service?

Is there any other financial aid available?

Does long-term care insurance also pay for auxiliary materials?

Where can I find help and support?

I take care of a relative - what kind of support can I obtain?

How can I reconcile the care of a relative with my job?


If your caregiver treats you poorly, e.g. If you are neglected or subjected to violence, you can call the Crisis Helpline in your area. On zqp.de, you can also search for a counselling centre on site. Another option is to contact a care centre ("Pflegestützpunkt") nearby.