Parental Allowance ("Elterngeld")

How does the German state support families?

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Childcare is a prominent concern for any parent with young children. And it is not always easy to reconcile work and family. In Germany, the estate provides so-called "Elterngeld" to support young families. "Elterngeld" or parental allowance serves as financial compensation for parents who temporarily have a lower capacity for work or cannot work at all as they care for their children. Parents who did not work before childbirth can also apply for a parental allowance. Read further to find out if and how you can receive a parental allowance.

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Can I receive a parental allowance?

Can I receive a parental allowance if my child goes to a kindergarten?

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Can I receive benefits from the Jobcentre or the Social Welfare Office in addition to the "Elterngeld"?

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Apart from "Elterngeld", only in Bavaria and Saxony, there are also other financial support options: the so-called family allowance ("Familiengeld") or state childcare allowance ("Landeserziehungsgeld"). The conditions and regulations for the receipt of these financial aids vary in the two federal states. You can find out all you need to know about the Bavarian family allowance on Information about the Saxon state childcare allowance is available on