Expecting a Baby in Germany

I am pregnant- What now?

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Whether longed for or entirely unplanned, pregnancy and childbirth is a life-changing event. It can throw the mother (and father) off the track for a while. In this chapter, you will find out where to seek help and support during pregnancy, what rights you have, and what issues you need to consider and plan for before childbirth. 

What should I know?

I'm pregnant - what are the first steps I need to take?

What kind of medical care is available for me during pregnancy?

What should I plan for during my pregnancy?

What are my rights in the workplace?

Can I get dismissed during pregnancy?

I would like to take a break from work after the childbirth - is that possible?

What should I plan for after childbirth?

Does the state support families financially?

Where can I seek advice and support?

Can I be deported during pregnancy?

Sometimes, a woman becomes pregnant despite not being ready for pregnancy or raising a child. Here we explain your rights and options regarding abortion and adoption. In addition, you will be reading about the "morning-after pill" ("Pille danach") and contraceptive means in general.

What should I know?

Can I terminate the pregnancy?

Who pays the costs of an abortion?

I do not want to keep the child, but I do not want to go through abortion - what can I do?

What is the "morning-after pill"?

How can I prevent pregnancy?


If you are pregnant and in need of help, call the "Pregnant in Distress Helpline" (“Hilfetelefon Schwngere in Not”). Their multilingual staff are available 24 hours at 0800 40 40 020. At your request, the advice can be provided anonymously.