Family reunification

Can I bring my family to Germany?

In the family reunification process, the type of residence status you hold plays a crucial role. The first important question is whether your right to asylum (or refugee status) has been recognised.

According to the Asylum- and Residence Acts, it is only after the recognition of your asylum request that you can bring your family to Germany. These two laws, however, are subject to changes. In fact, since the federal election on September 24, 2017, both acts are being debated again. Inform yourself in-time about legislative changes. Make sure you stay informed about any possible changes in regulations.

Below we go through your rights as an individual who has fled to Germany. If you are not a refugee or asylum seeker, but still have a residence permit in Germany, you can find relevant details on family reunification on the website of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) in the chapter Migration to Germany under Family Reunion and Spouse/Family Reunification.

In principle, family reunification is neither possible for individuals whose asylum procedure is still ongoing nor the asylum seekers who are tolerated (and hold a "Duldung").

If you apply for family reunification within three months from the date you have been granted your status, there would be fewer requirements to fulfil for your family members to join you in Germany. That is often referred to as “Privileged Family Reunification” ("priviligiertem Familiennachzug"). It means you do not need to prove that you can provide for your family members or that your apartment is big enough to bring your family members to Germany. In cases of Privileged Family Reunification, your level of income has no decisive role and won't be evaluated.

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When your family members arrive in Germany, you need to take them to the Residents' Registration Office (“Einwohnermeldeamt”) and the Foreigners' Registration Office (“Ausländerbehörde”) for registration.