Revocation Procedure

Can I lose my residence permit?

Under the revocation procedure, the protection status of individuals recognised as entitled to asylum, refugee status, subsidiary protection or a ban on deportation is re-evaluated. This means that the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) checks whether the person still needs protection. Revocation procedures only affect people whose asylum procedure has resulted in a positive outcome.

In reality, revocation procedures lead to an actual revocation of protection status in only a few cases. Nevertheless, it is crucial to be well prepared for the procedure and seek advice from a counselling centre or a lawyer.

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What is a revocation procedure?

When is a revocation procedure initiated?

What are the reasons for an "event-related assessment" ("Anlassbezogenen Überprüfung") of my protection status?

Does a visit to the embassy or a trip to my home country always lead to the revocation of my protection status?

How does the revocation procedure work?

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How can I prepare for the interview in the withdrawal procedure?

Can I extend my residence permit during the revocation procedure?

Can I apply for a permanent residence permit ("Niederlassungserlaubnis") during the revocation procedure?

Can I apply for German citizenship during the revocation procedure?

What can I do if my protection status is revoked?

What happens if my protection status is actually revoked?

Where can I find advice and support?


The BAMF will also ask the Immigration Office, Job centre or social Welfare Office responsible for you for information regarding possible reasons for revoking your protection status. If, for example, the Job Centre knows about a trip to your country of origin, this information will be communicated to the BAMF.