Asylum under 18

Can I apply for asylum if I am a minor?

In Germany, you will be registered as an "unaccompanied minor refugee" (UMF) if you are under 18 years old and have fled without your family. Maybe you are unaccompanied because you lost your family on the way to Germany or perhaps you have fled from your home country alone. In Germany, you go through an entirely different procedure than the one the adult fugitives face.

What you need to know now

What happens after my arrival?

Why is my exact age important?

Who is a guardian?

What is my residence status?

Can I be deported?

Can I live with a family?

Who is a sponsor?

Can I go to school in Germany?

How can I find my family?

Can I bring my family to Germany?

What happens when I reach 18?


If you are a minor and no guardian is found for you, you cannot apply for asylum yourself. In this case, the BAMF will issue you a permit for "tolerated Stay" ("Duldung") until you reach 18 and personally apply for asylum.