Voluntary return

What types of support exist for my voluntary departure?

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As a migrant who is thinking about leaving Germany, you are entitled to financial and logistical support to voluntarily return to your home country or resettle in a third country. There are programs which will help you return and plan for a new start in your country of origin or any third country that is ready to give you a residence permit.

These programs include not only logistical but also financial support. The main support program in Germany is the REAG/GARP program, which was implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). In these schemes, apart from assistance concerning travel costs, you can also receive financial starter grants. These grants should help you start over in your country of origin or a third country willing to issue you a residence permit. You can receive these grants within the frame of REAG / GARP, but the amount depends on your nationality.

How does it work?

Can I receive financial support?

Who is not eligible for support?

Where do I file my application?

Which costs will be covered by REAG/GARP?

Which costs do I have to cover?

What is a starter grant (“Starthilfe”)?

For which countries is voluntary return not currently supported?

Can I return to Germany after my voluntary departure?

Will I receive support if I can personally finance the trip?

Will I keep receiving aid after my return?


You can reach IOM's return hotline from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 3 pm at +49 911 9430 and ask your questions regarding the voluntary return. The staff speak German and English.